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SilverstoneCIS (Creative Interactive Solutions) delivers game-changing customer experience and mobile-first omni-channel engagement platforms in partnership with disruptors; fast-tracking digital business, marketing innovation and transformation at scale worldwide.

Audience Lifecycle Marketing delivered
Rapid deployment of totally integrated mobile-first consumer engagement campaigns and always-on life-cycle value management solutions in a multi-tenancy brand audience network and pre-integrated eco-system platform.
MMA Smarties #SmartiesNext

Bronze, Silver and Gold Winner

Marketing Impact : Customer Lifecycle Marketing [Gold]
Impact Media : Gaming, Gamification & E-Sports​ [Silver]
Web 3.0 : Data Insights [Bronze]
MMA Smarties Gold Award MMA Smarties Silver Award MMA Smarties Bronze Award
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Digicel West Indies
33 Markets Digicel West Indies

Digicel's Game-Changing Mobile Campaign: #More Ways to Win

Cross-App Gamification Success at Scale in Real-time across 33 markets and 5 languages

Digicel's innovative "More Ways to Win" campaign, delivered by SilverstoneCIS, integrated 7 apps, 5 automation platforms, and millions of network events to create a seamless gamified experience for over 10 million subscribers across 33 markets.

The comprehensive strategy, featuring real-time event-driven architecture, gamification challenges, and tiered rewards, achieved remarkable user engagement, new customer profiles, and significant rewards distribution.

By establishing a unified view of subscribers, this groundbreaking campaign has set a new standard for data-driven mobile marketing strategies and opened new opportunities for business intelligence.

MMA Smarties #BusinessUnusual2020

Double Silver Winner

Technology : mCommerce [Silver]
Technology : Innovation [Shortlisted]
Business Unusual : Tech Innovation [Silver]
MMA Smarties Silver Award MMA Smarties Silver Award
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Kenya Kenya Kenya – You Order, We Deliver

Created and delivered with The Coca-Cola Company & Coca-Cola Beverages Africa by SilverstoneCIS in association with EXP Kenya on the Promoflo audience network. is a data-light mobile solution that allows you to order your favourite Coca-Cola beverage for same day front door delivery, without having to download an app, on your phone and pay with mPesa.

A transformative Direct-to-Consumer mobile social commerce solution on Promoflo delivering new routes to market.

MMA Smarties #SmartiesNext

Bronze Winner

Web 3.0 : Real Time Marketing​ [Bronze]
MMA Smarties Bronze Award
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32 Markets 32 Markets

SportsMax Football Predictor Game

A match predictor game that successfully navigated legal and rights issues, keeping users engaged during a major soccer event.​

To engage soccer fans without infringing on legal and rights issues during a major soccer event, SportsMax implemented a match predictor game in their app.

This easy-to-understand and accessible feature attracted a significant number of unique users, generating substantial engagement over a five-week period.

Due to its success and positive user feedback, the match predictor mechanic has become a permanent app feature, now covering major football tournaments like the EPL and La Liga, driving continued engagement and user satisfaction.

MMA Smarties #SmartiesNext

Bronze Winner

Impact Media : Cross Platform - Digital only [Bronze]
MMA Smarties Bronze Award
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West Indies Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent

Digicel West Indies' Get More This Summer - Sales and Activations!

Boosting Growth and Cross Platform Sales with Real-Time, Personalised Data-Driven marketing in selected West Indies markets.

The Digicel West Indies' Get More This Summer Campaign, powered by SilverstoneCIS, aimed to increase activations of Prime and Prime Plus Bundles, attract more subscribers, promote Digicel+ (Home Fibre) signups, and encourage timely Postpaid bill payments in the Dominican Republic, Saint Vincent & Grenadines, and Saint Lucia.

The real-time marketing campaign employed SMS, email, and MDA App push messaging to create relevance and incentivize participatio.

As a result, the campaign successfully drove subscriber growth and bundle activations across all three targeted markets, demonstrating the effectiveness of real-time marketing in achieving Digicel's objectives.

MMA Smarties #SmartiesNext

Double Finalist

Marketing Impact : Customer Lifecycle Marketing [Finalist]
Web 3.0 : Data Insights [Finalist]
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South Africa South Africa

BrandMapp: Powered by SilverstoneCIS' FlashPanel

BrandMapp: a Deep dive into South Africa's Top 30% Income Earners

BrandMapp, an annual study targeting the top 30% of South Africa's income earners, uses SilverstoneCIS' FlashPanel platform to gain insights from over 33,000 respondents.

This population represents more than 80% of personal income and consumer spend in the country, making their understanding crucial for marketers and agencies.

Utilizing a mobile-first methodology, the study achieves cost-effective, high-quality data collection with high completion rates. As a result, BrandMapp equips marketers, researchers, and insight practitioners in various industries with valuable information to drive informed strategic and tectical business, product, marketing, and advertising decisions.

MMA Smarties #SmartiesNext

Double Finalist

Impact Media : Social Messaging / Chat Apps / Text Messaging [Finalist]
Web 3.0 : Real Time Marketing [Finalist]
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32 Markets Caribbean, Central America and South Pacific

Mass User Engagement with BiP Discover Hub

Streamlining campaign management and driving user acquisition, engagement, and retention for 4 million of BiP users across 33 markets.

BiP Hub, a unified engagement solution developed by SilverstoneCIS, simplifies campaign management for over 4 million BiP users across 33 markets.

By integrating real-time solutions, audience segmentation, and a bespoke campaign management platform, alongside innovative in-app channels like the BiP Discover Hub and Marketplace, the project has reduced management costs by 2:1 and increased user satisfaction.

This comprehensive strategy has revolutionized user engagement, acquisition, and retention for Digicel, allowing marketers to focus on maximizing the strategic value of the app.

Strategic Local Market Partnerships Brings Us Closer

SilverstoneCIS' Global Startegic Local Partner Footprint

With headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa and a really niche strategic local partner footprint, our friendly team of experts have decades of experience in collaborating and delivering localized success seamlessly across multiple time-zones, jurisdictions, cultures and languages worldwide.

Openwrx (SilverstoneCIS' core digital eco-system platform), is securely and compliantly hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud and offers high speed, reliable and scalable performance with the ability to deploy dedicated private full-stack instances for enterprise clients.

Please reach out to explore new strategic local market partnerships.

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